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Vionic shoes help provide relief from plantar fasciitis and heel pain. From stylish sandals to boots, shop the selection of comfortable shoes for men & women UP TO 70% OFF on Zulily.

Vionic offers a range of stylish orthopedic shoes with a number of features that your regular footwear just doesn’t have, including: Podiatrist-developed, extensively researched orthotic elevated technology. Vionic shoes are all built with superior arch support and high-quality materials to support all-day wear and minimize arch pain for those with flat feet.

Vionic brings together style and science, combining innovative biomechanics with the most coveted trends. As pioneers in foot health with a team of experts behind the brand, Vionic brings a fresh perspective to supportive footwear. Featuring a wide range of silhouettes, premium materials and thoughtful design for women and men, Vionic offers unmatched style and addictive support. Boasting a selection of active styles, boots, heels, sandals, slippers and more, Vionic brings wearability to the season’s most aspirational looks.

Vionic Shoes on Amazon

Take your comfort to new heights.
secure, comfortable fit for all-day wear.
flexible and lightweight.
Durable rubber outsole with added traction for a sturdy stride.

Zulily is a flash shopping e-commerce company that specializes in providing clothing, toys and home furnishings for mothers and children under the age of 10. “Flash purchase” refers to a new e-commerce model with short online time, large discounts and regular updates every day. The purchase time of all goods is limited to 3 days, and the price of goods will be more than 50% lower than the traditional retail price. Zulily updates about 9000 products every day.

The advantage of flash purchase mode is that zulily doesn’t have any inventory. After the user places an order, zulily will send the order directly to the supplier, and the supplier will deliver it directly. However, due to this delivery method, the delivery process of zulily is slow, and most users need to wait 2-3 weeks to receive the products. This is also where users complain most about zulily Although users complain about the long receiving process, 80% of zulily’s orders come from customers’ secondary purchases. User loyalty is very high.

For zulily users, they never know what kind of product updates will be made at 6 o’clock the next day. Zulily is good at planning event sales, and uses flash purchase mode to promote the goods in the station. He will update the goods on time at 6 o’clock every day. The average discount of these goods is about 50%, up to 30% discount. Users must rush to buy within 72 hours, and the overtime goods will be automatically offline. This “flash purchase” model has fully mobilized the female consumers’ psychology of “seeking innovation and change”, and also contributed to a steady stream of orders for zulily. Once this expectation comes into being, it will form a strong loyalty to the platform. Many female consumers say that they will browse what new products zulily has launched today every day, even if the shoes she bought last month are still in the library.

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