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The production of Penoxal is carried out in a certified production unit according to HACCP standards and is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified.

By the time the article was published, the editor found that Penoxal was not sold in holland and barrett, and Penoxal’s official only sells this product on Amazon, so if you want to buy Penoxal , please go to Amazon to buy it

Our pick about Penoxal on Amazon

Penoxal – Food Supplement

  • includes vitamin C for strengthening immunity
  • Strong immune system has a positive effect on our bodies.
  • Penoxal is a natural dietary supplement with no negative or toxic effects.
  • A dietary supplement manufactured from a natural microorganism

About Holland & Barrett

In total Holland & Barrett offer customers more than 9,000+ products across all of their ranges, including products from some of the world’s most famous vitamin, nutrition and natural beauty brands including Centrum, Seven Seas, MaxiNutrition, Dr Organic and Bioglan.

Holland & Barrett sells a wide range of branded and own-label products across these categories and also own a number of trademarks for specific product lines. Holland & Barrett also sell sports nutrition products under licence, for example through MET-Rx in the United Kingdom.

Holland & Barrett is a century old famous chain store of high-quality health products in Britain. No matter which city or town you are in, you can see it. H&b is famous for its natural healthy food. It is the leading retailer of nutritional food, vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements in the UK. All products have passed the nearly stringent quality inspection of the British food department, and are very guaranteed professional health food stores.Go to Holland & Barrett to find your products.

Famous products in Holland & Barrett:

  • Magical slimming raspberry: acai berry tablets (Brazil berry)
  • Small yellow flower to improve endocrine: natural evening primrose oil capsules (evening primrose)
  • One bottle of sunscreen and weight loss: Pycnogenol capsules (Pycnogenol)
  • Health products to prevent cardiovascular disease: Omega 3 fish oil (fish oil)

What is penoxal and how does it used for

Penoxal is a natural dietary supplement having a positive effect on the immune system, which shows no negative or toxic effects. It has a powerful ability to act on specific white blood cells – B and T lymphocytes that are crucial for a good immune response and that prevent diseases. Due to its significant antioxidant activity and its ability to optimise apoptosis, it reduces the risk of today’s most severe disease – cancer. Penoxal also helps to relieve the adverse effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, and it aids to return the blood count values back to normal more swiftly.

Apart from its positive effect on body’s immunity, Penoxal contributes to a good function of the digestive tract, where most of the body’s immunity resides. By regulating the acidic environment of gastric juices, Penoxal relieves the unpleasant heartburn, and it reduces the risk of gastric ulcers. It promotes the desired state of intestinal microflora and it regulates bowel movement (constipation/diarrhoea) which can be utilised for treatments of many conditions that lead to the damage of intestinal mucosa and a subsequent risk of more severe diseases. The beneficial effects of Penoxal on digestion help to restore abdominal comfort and balance.

Penoxal may also be used in gynaecology. A strong immunity is a great tool against unwanted microorganisms causing vaginal mycosis or HPV-associated viruses that produce genital warts or precancerous changes to the cervix.

Penoxal shows great results when used to boost immunity during flu and cold seasons, for inflammatory, viral and bacterial diseases as well as for prevention.

By harmonising the particular organ system, Penoxal contributes to a healthy body function and its overall well-being.

Dosage of Penoxal by type of disease

  • Beneficial effects:
  • it promotes immunity via activation of B and T-lymphocytes (white blood cells)
  • it protects cells from the oxidative stress and free radicals, it acts as an antioxidant
  • it stimulates better tolerance to chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • it inhibits the growth of tumors via the programmed cell death (i.e. apoptosis)
  • it normalises the function of liver, kidneys, stomach and adrenal glands
  • it reduces adverse effects of X-ray/UV radiation
  • it stimulates normal blood count values
  • it detoxifies the organism
  • Side effects:
  • Penoxal is very well-tolerated even in high doses and it is not addictive during a long-term administration. The product has no side effects and shows no antibiotic activity, it is entirely non-toxic and free of interaction with other medicinal products.

In rare cases, there may be diarrhoea. If this occurs, we recommend reducing the dose.

  • Indications:
  • in cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy)
  • in prevention of cancer relapses
  • in prevention of oncological disease
  • in precancerous conditions
  • in inflammatory, viral and bacterial diseases
  • in digestive tract disorders
  • for gynaecological problems
  • for the weakened immune system
  • before and after surgical treatments

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